What Separates Me from Bill Dance

Many people think fishing is a skill that can be acquired. I disagree.  

Ask me anything about catfish.  Ask me anything about largemouth bass.  Ask me anything about the elusive blackspotted cutthroat brown rainbow trout of southwestern Montana.

Odds are I can tell you where they're found, what to use for bait, typical seasonal movements, if they enjoy long walks on the beach, and what kind of music they listen to.  I have forgotten more about fishing than most of my fishing buddies will ever know.

I study fishing all the time, I work on my fishing equipment all the time, I go fishing all the time, and it seems no matter what I do there are a handful of people I hit the water with that could out fish me in their sleep. 

The conclusion that I've reached is fishing is a lot like throwing a baseball.  Some people can throw a baseball 98 mph, others only 68.  You stay on the mound all year, take expensive one-on-one lessons, read every pitching book ever printed and will still never throw that upper 90's fastball.  Its a genetic trait that you can boil down to cold hard science.  Fishing is alot like that.

My hypothesis states: There is one genetic trait that is the difference between me and my friends.  That genetic trait is luck.  Yes, luck is a genetic trait.

In my family there are two inheritable attributes that will curse you as long as Bauer is your last name.  You will have grey hair before you're 25, and if you're lucky enough to have any luck at all, it will be bad luck. 

I'm sure you're wanting proof.  Obviously, the previous statements discerning my fishing knowledge verses my friends' fish catching ability illustrates this.  However, it doesn't stop there.  Everyone in my family roots for the Chicago Cubs.  Need I say more?  I think not.

The DNA passed down from my parents isn't all bad though.  Supposedly good looks run in my family, too bad they skipped a generation.  I have hope for my kids.

The point I'm trying to get across is, if you are blessed enough to have acquired the L-U-C-K chromosome, enjoy it.  People like myself will be sitting at our fishing hole, waiting for our bobber to go under and for the Cubs to win the World Series.  Too bad I have no idea which one's going to come first. 

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