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What its All About…

Kayak fishing opens up a new world that can answer many different callings.


River Certified Outdoor Adventures will customize an experience that is tailored to exactly what you are looking for. Conducting on various waterways in Central Iowa, River Certified Outdoor Adventures offers a fully licensed and insured kayak guiding business that targets many different fish species. In addition to helping you catch fish, your guide will provide to-the-point paddling instruction that will help you not only feel at home in a kayak, but provide even the experienced kayaker something valuable they can take home at the end of the day. Regardless of what you are looking for, trips are custom-made to your specific requests.

Guided Kayak Trips

Kayak Catfish

Catfish get big and fight hard! They provide an opportunity to focus either on catching lots of mean-tempered channel cats or targeting that one monster flathead. Channel catfish are an excellent option for the angler looking to have a day of pole bending action. Flathead catfish are geared more toward the trophy hunter looking for that one giant. Trips are offered that can give anglers an opportunity at both. For flatheads, I cannot guarantee you will catch a giant of lifetime, as their scarcity is one of the aspects that make them so desirable. What I can guarantee is that I will work as hard as possible to give you the opportunity to land the fish of your dreams!

Kayak Wipers

Wipers, or hybrid striped bass, are one of the baddest customers in the freshwater ecosystem. There are many times where action can be so fast and furious, it is almost mind blowing. They make a reel sing and poles bend to the point you fear they might break. Iowa has done an excellent job of stocking this fish, which is a hybrid between an oceanic striped bass and a white bass. They are pound-for-pound the hardest fighting fish the Midwest has to offer and are one of my favorites to target out of a kayak. These fish are for the angler looking for a lot of pole-bending fun!

Kayak Walleyes

In many people’s eyes walleyes are viewed strictly as table fare. However, these are a fish that are as fun to catch as they are to eat. The way they inhale a lure bounced along the bottom of a river is addicting and no other fish has quite as sinister of a look as a big walleye. The spring and fall are best for targeting this species, but when water conditions are right, spectacular fishing can be found all year.

Photography and Nature Floats

A variety of wildlife is common along the shores of Iowa lakes and streams. It is not uncommon to sneak up on otters, beavers, groundhogs, deer, and turkeys. Many do not realize the beautiful geographical features that Iowa has to offer, but given the opportunity, your guide love to take you on a float that helps you appreciate the Midwest on a whole new level.

Custom Trip

We understand everyone wants a unique experience that is special to them. If there is a different adventure you would like to embark on contact us and we will put in the work to make it happen.

Book a trip by calling us at 515-979-8109 or email at

Your Boat and equipment

Nucanoe Kayaks

NuCanoes are unique. They are not what most think of when a kayak comes to mind. They are wide, stable, but paddle surprisingly well. They have a comfortable, elevated seat that makes floating in them for hours on end a breeze. When putting together a trip, you can rest assured you will be paddling the most stable, comfortable kayak available.

Fishing Equipment

Fishing equipment is top-notch and well maintained to ensure you will have the best opportunity to land the fish you hook. All catfishing tackle is Whisker Seeker. They are a catfishing specific manufacturer based right in Des Moines, Iowa. I use them because I believe they make the highest quality catfishing equipment out there, and when it comes to providing you the best fishing experience possible, that is exactly what I am looking for.

Rod holders are essential for any kind of kayak fishing. We provide Stealth Rod Holders because of their compact nature, as well as their ability to securely hold any fishing rod in any fishing situation. They guarantee rods will not be lost anytime a big fish takes your bait, or when moving through waves or current.


What you will need

Kayak fishing is an adventure. When spending a significant length of time outside, it is best to come prepared for the conditions Mother Nature brings you. Below is a list of things you should have when going on a guided kayak trip. All other necessary items will be provided by your guide.

  • Sunscreen

  • Bug Spray

  • Iowa Fishing License

  • Water to Drink (No Alcohol)

  • Food to Eat

  • Rain Gear

  • Sweatshirt

  • Clothes for the Weather

  • Camera (Your guide is also glad to take pictures for you)

All of your belongings can be stored in waterproof dry bags attached to your kayak. Food and drinks can be stored in cooler your guide will carry.


Your Guide


Spencer Bauer

I have been kayak fishing for over 10 years. I started kayak fishing by running shark baits off shore and chasing other oceanic species in the Gulf of Mexico and brought that passion back to the Midwest waters I grew up on. I’ve been exploring the different lakes and streams that Iowa has to offer since the time I could pick up a fishing rod. If it had gills and got big, I wanted to catch it. I am a full-time middle school science teacher and leader of fishing club where I learned the joy of watching others catch fish. I have grown to love seeing the joy these experiences bring others and to share the memorable experiences kayak fishing has to offer.

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Book Your Trip

Prices for each outing may vary depending on the type of trip you would like to put together. However, general prices are listed below. Please call 515-979-8109 or email to ask questions and book your trip today.

6 Hour 1 Person Fishing Trip- $400

Each Extra Person-$150 (Max of 3 Total)

6 Hour River/Lake Tour- $300

Each Extra Person-$100 (Max of 3 Total)

*Children 17 and under are free when accompanied by an adult

Trips will be booked upon payment of $75 deposit. Deposit is non-refundable, except trips that are cancelled due to weather and water conditions. Safety is the number one concern above all else. If weather or water conditions do not allow you to safely enjoy your trip, dates can be rescheduled, moved to different bodies of water, or different target species can be chosen.

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